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Math 1700 Prerequisite Requirements

In order to satisfy the prerequisite requirements for Math 1700, students must satisfy ONE of the following criteria:

  • C- or higher grade in Math 1500 (or transferable equivalent)
  • AP Calculus AB Exam score (or AB Subscore from BC Exam) of 3 or higher
  • AP Calculus BC Exam score of 3 or higher

Students who do not satisfy the prerequisite requirements will be dropped from their course.

For students who do not currently satisfy the prerequisite requirements for Math 1700:

  • If you are currently enrolled in the prerequisite course (Math 1500), then you must earn a C- or higher grade in order to remain in Math 1700 for the upcoming semester.
  • If you plan to take the prerequisite course at another college or university, you will need to submit appropriate documentation of your transfer course to the Office of Admissions. In addition, students should bring a copy of their transcript with them to campus in case verification by the Math department is required. (If you have completed the prerequisite course and need to request a permission number to enroll in this course, follow the instructions here.)